*Empres no longer stands at public stud but may be available by Private Treaty to suitable Polish mares. 

Below are a few notable offspring sired by *Empres++++//

Empreska born 2014 by *Empres++++// x Sandomierza by Wojslaw

Champion Sport Horse Mare In Hand JTH at Youth Nationals 2020.

Owned by Glasener Roberts Partnership.

Cyrylica born 2000 by *Empres++++// x Centra by Eukaliptus

Raced 6 times in 2003  1xIII & 2 x IV
Top Five 4 - 8 year old mare Bełżyce (PL)

Described as an extremely feminine mare with an exotic head and neck.
She is the dam of filly Caryca (Hetman) 1/5 (1-1-1-1) Car - colt - (Gaspar) 1/2 (0-1-1-0) who have been successful racing.
2011 colt Cyrulik (Pegasus) and 2012 colt Carat (Esparto). 2013 mare (Esparto) and 2014 mare Cracovia (El Omari).

Broodmare at Kurozeweki, Poland.

Wenta born 2000  by *Empres++++// x Walia  by Partner.  Owned and bred by Kurozweki Stud, Poland.
Raced 3 times in 2003 1xI & 1xII. Described as a young wonderfully made, harmoniously designed mare with brilliantly shaped head and very attractive trot. Wenta is the dam of Wersja (by Poganin) Junior Champion filly at Autumn Arabian Horse Show, Janów, 2007 and Willet (by Hetman) Top Five winner at Autumn Arabian Horse Show, Janow in 2006.  Wiento (Alert) a winning endurance gelding; Wat (Eryks);  Wentura (Kabsztad) and Wentisca (Eryks).
Wenta is dam of race winners Wenida (Gaspar), Wermont and Willet;  Wentaja as a two year old qualified to race in 2012.

Wangelis  born 2002 by Empres++++// x Warta (Wermut).
Bred by Harmony Arabians, Poland.
Wangelis was awarded top Arabian Under Saddle in Poland in 2009.  He has excelled in Dressage, Western Pleasure, Reining, Classic Pleasure and Polish National Costume.

Waresa born 2002.  *Empres++++// x Włócznia (Borek).
Bered by Falborek Arabians, Pland.  Champion Mare (Private Breeders Bialka 2003).  Top Five Polish National Show.
Highest selling mare in the Polish Select Sale 2011.
Wasa - daughter of Waresa earned the highest score of the Qatar National Show in 2018 with 93.63 points.  She was Gold Champion Mare and Best In Show.

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